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Thank You, Nicole

by Carol Pierce Copyright, 1998

Reading about and then actually hearing a recording of Nicole Brown Simpson's frantic 911 call for help shocked domestic violence survivor Carol Pierce out of denial and eventually saved her life.

Adapted from her book Jump Now, Look Later: New Ways to Beat Your Fears, Success Strategist Carol Pierce shares the dramatic sequence of events leading to her seeking the help she desperately needed to break that cycle of abuse and to allow her to now live an extremely successful life.

To check the availability of Author/Success Strategist Carol Pierce to speak to your organization on how she courageously freed herself from the chains of abuse, for permission to reprint the story, or to schedule an interview with Carol Pierce, contact Success Now today

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Snake of Wisdom

by Carol Pierce Copyright 2002

Most view snakes as bad, but the Mayan people see them as good. Carol Pierce now understands that Mayan philosophy and shares what changed her perception in "Snakes of Wisdom."

Discover the remarkable wisdom Success Strategist Carol Pierce gained from snakes that have appeared at critical points in her life and how she dramatically learned those powerful lessons. Find out the positive reasons snakes may be appearing in your life and how to overcome your fear of them.

To obtain a copy of "Snakes of Wisdom" and permission for reprint or to book Succcess Strategist Carol Pierce for a presentation on how to change negatives into positives, contact Success Now today.

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Making Lemon Meringue Pie out of Lemons: How to Change Negatives into Positives

by Carol Pierce Copyright 2001

When negativity, chaos, and horrible obstacles surface in your life, how do you react?

In Making Lemon Meringue Pie out of Lemons, Success Now's Carol Pierce presents tips to help you change what seems to be so bad into what really may become a blessing in disguise.

To obtain a copy of that article and permission for reprint or to bring Succcess Strategist Carol Pierce into your organization for a motivational presentation or training program on how to change those negatives into positives, contact Success Now today.

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Attractive Resume' Key to Turning Job Search into Employment

by Kenny Boudreaux

". . . A bland folder or a few careless pages of information may be the only thing preventing an applicant from becoming a new employee . . .The resume' (is) a reflection of the type of job you are going to do and how badly you want the job . . . " states Author/Success Strategist Carol Pierce as she discusses effective resume' tips with Kenny Boudreaux of Tri-Parish Times & Business News.

Within the article, Carol Pierce shares several critical, easy-to-implement strategies to help your resume' really grab the decision maker's attention so you can be the person hired. She especially emphasizes how you may be the most highly qualified for the job, but a poor or inappropriate resume' is what shuts the door on that opportunity almost immediately.

For a copy of Kenny Boudreaux's October 13, 2004 Tri-Parish Times & Business News article containing Success Strategist Carol Pierce's specific tips, to schedule an appointment with Carol Pierce to polish your own resume', or to book a Success Now program on effective resume' writing tips for your group, contact Success Now today.

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Conquering Procrastination to Get What You REALLY Want

by Carol Pierce, Copyright 2000

"Are there changes you would like to implement in your department or your organization? Are you considering switching careers to pursue your true passion? Are you contemplating beginning your own business? What do you want to accomplish? Why don't you have it yet? Why are you procrastinating?" asks Success Now's Carol Pierce in the chapter she was asked to submit to the book Exceptional Accomplishments.

Is procrastination really bad?

Success Strategist Carol Pierce emphatically states it is not! She goes on to cite how procrastination can actually help you become even more successful even quicker and further explains:

Why you really procrastinate
How to use procrastination to achieve more instead of less
What eight steps can help you get whatever you really want personally and professionally without the guilt associated with procrastination

To obtain a copy of Conquering Procrastination to Get What You REALLY Want, click here.

To contact Author/Success Strategist Carol Pierce for an interview or to book her to speak to your group on how to use procrastination to propel your business, your organization, or even you to more success, contact Success Now today.

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Stalked by Fear; Freed by Action

by Jaime Lugibihl Dishman

"For most people, a cell phone doesn't serve as a weapon of self defense, but for stalking victim Carol Pierce, the portable phone was a lifesaver.

"After receiving a phone call from her stalker saying he would 'pursue her until he got her,' she said she knew her life was in jeopardy.

"'I immediately called my attorney, and he said to either get a cell phone or a gun to protect yourself . . .'

"The Houma woman didn't want to carry a gun, so she opted for the cell phone.

"'That ended up being my best weapon against him,'" Carol Pierce explained in her interview with Reporter Jaime Lugibihl Dishman of the Courier.

Discover more of the steps Author/Success Strategist Carol Pierce took to successfully protect her life from that stalker. Learn additional safety tips about stalking from Lieutenant Donna Oneal, a detective with the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office, as well as vital information on the serious problem from the National Center for Victims of Crime. Take the Stalking Quiz to discover the real truths about stalking.

These facts may help save the life of someone you love, or maybe even your own!

All these valuable tips appear in Jaime Lugibihl Dishman's feature article on stalking entitled Stalked by Fear; Freed by Action. You may read that article in the January 11, 2005, issue of the Courier or if you prefer, go online to

To book Author/Success Strategist Carol Pierce to speak to your organization on how to successfully protect yourselves from a stalker or to schedule an interview with Carol Pierce, contact Success Now today

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What is the Real Problem?

by Carol Pierce, Copyright 2013

We often hold false belief about how to create a resume that really works. Find out the critical questions you must ask yourself so your resume can finally work for you.

Read What is the Real Problem? in the May issue of the Ascension Business Journal hitting the news stands soon.

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Remarkable Role Model for Keeping Your Chin Up

by Bill Lampton, Ph.D.

Does your job search feel like you're trying to make the impossible possible? The very encouragement you need right now may rest within the example Dr. Bill Lampton shares in the Sept. 3, 2009 issue of International Business Times.

Find out why Bill Lampton highly recommends you keep the comment Carol Pierce makes about her father Clarence on your bedside table. Learn why Bill says, "...look at (that quote) every day before you start making phone calls, mailing resumes, networking, and heading to interviews."

Discover one of the real reasons Carol Pierce continues to do like her own father...astound people with her uncanny ability to make the seemingly impossible possible in her own life. It's one of the strategies her clients and audiences learn how to apply, despite the totally illogical obstacles which try to get in their way. It's a technique you can also learn how to apply to your own life.

Read "A Remarkable Role Model for Keeping Your Chin Up."

To gain the encouragement and confidence you need to be successful getting paid to do what you really want to do, contact either Bill Lampton or Carol Pierce. Both provide you with practical knowledge they've learned from the School of Hard Knocks

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Jump Now, Look Later (an excerpt from the book)

...We began talking about the recent spree of domestic violence incidents and how those incidents made me realize my possible dangers.

"Do you know what fear really is?" Victor asked. "It's not trusting in God."

"But I trust in God."

"If you really trust in God, you know He's always there for you, and you have no reason to be afraid."

Still inconsolable after Victor left, I went to the university chapel on my break, hoping to find solace in prayer. Unlike all the other times I'd gone there to pray, I left the chapel that day feeling even more despondent than before. Too upset to remain at work, I went home for the day.

Driving home in tears, I thought about my life. All I saw was conflict and pain. I was tired of fighting my ex-husband, of my children not wanting to believe me, of the legal maneuverings, of God abandoning me.

I had lost faith in my family, my friends, my faith, and myself. I felt as if the whole world was against me, and I had no strength left to fight any obstacles. I wanted the pain to stop and there seemed to be only one route to peace.

Feeling tears, no anger, no sadness, no fear, nothing. I...

To discover what happens on what Carol Pierce now describes as the darkest day of her life but the brightest day, order a copy of Jump Now Look Later today. Learn the steps Carol took to face her deepest fears and turn her life around to live the much happier, peace-filled life she now enjoys. Find out how to apply those very same steps to your own life, no matter how difficult those problems you face seem to be.

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