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Contact Carol Pierce today. Call 985-209-2369 to find out how to gain the know-how, the courage and the confidence to refuse to settle anymore in any area of your life. Carol Pierce will be happy to work with you remotely and help you discover what continues to work for her, has worked for thousands she's helped over the years and can work for you, too!

New Phone Number!!! Regardless of where you're based, Carol Pierce provides you the exact Success Now services you're needing in as quick and efficient a manner as possible. How do you now get in touch? Simply call 985-209-2369 or email today!

Do you want to switch jobs or move up the career ladder, but your resume is not producing the results you want? Are you trying to get your business off the ground but are still not successful bringing in much income?Are you feeling more and more frustrated because you aren't getting the results you really want in your business, your organization, or your career?

"I did get the $150,000 yearly...Thanks for all your help and I will send anyone I know to you in the future," writes a happy resume client whose resume project was completed within less than 24 hours so he could fly out-of-state to meet with the VP of the company interested in hiring him.

After 2 years of trying everything possible, a small business owner hired Carol Pierce to learn how to finally bring in the income that individual had yet to produce. Within less than 3 weeks of applying Carol's recommendations, that Success Now small business client was hired to work on 3 separate projects and contacted by several other organizations to do work for them.

If those are the kind of results you're aching to achieve, make that jump now! Call Success Now at 985-209-2369. Let Carol Pierce teach you how to get paid to do what you love. Discover practical, easy-to-apply methods that do work. Let Carol Pierce help you, your business or organization jump now to more success.

See what these resume clients say about working with Carol Pierce:

"I can't help but think the revamp of the resume helped seal the deal..." states another satisfied resume client about the updated resume used to land his dream job

"Not only did you set (my husband) up with a resume that helped him land the job that took his career to a level we didn't even realize existed, but you have been here consistently helping us with services and advice regarding our careers, our businesses, and sometimes life in general.Thanks for being so available and so prompt...You came through for us as usual...We will continue to work with you and refer people to you for as long as you are willing to work with us," writes Kirby Nebo from Texas. Note: Kirby and her husband have been loyal Success Now clients since 2014 when another satisfied resume client insisted that Kirby's husband invest in Carol's resume services.

"You are the very best in what you do! I love it!" raves Kirby's husband in describing the successful results Carol Pierce produced editing his business website after initially hiring Carol to create his resume in 2014 and his wife's resume the following year.

"I know my niece is in the best and most capable hands possible (with her job search). Thank you for being so willing and determined to help her reach her full potential," adds Kirby after insisting that her niece also work with Carol Pierce.

Find out how one author client not only saved hundreds of dollars when publishing her powerful book but also sold 500 copies of that book in less than a month of its release without actively marketing it!

Discover how another sold $400 worth of books in just one day, and a third Success Now author client turned down a publisher's offer to pick up her book and ended up receiving an offer from them to write a second book!

Are you looking for someone in Louisiana whose expertise in resume writing, job hunting advice, one-on-one business coaching, and professional editing and book publishing consulting is outstanding? Or do you need a Louisiana-based motivational speaker or trainer to help people in your organization discover practical ways to create more success, communicate more effectively or provide better customer service?

Are you aching to hire a true professional who is honest, ethical, and really does care, someone with over 40 years of experience helping people and organizations successfully achieve what they really want in ways that do work for them...someone who provides practical, cost-effective, eye-opening solutions to the real problems you're facing instead of cookie-cutter solutions that just won't work for you?

Internationally renown management expert Tom Peters remarks, "Carol Pierce offers a philosophy I totally agree with...and she's honed it in the school of hard knocks."

Discover how to have a resume that works, conduct a more successful job search, communicate more effectively, provide better customer service, publish a book readers don't want to put down, or achieve whatever goal seems so impossible that you know deep down inside can become reality.

Call 985-209-2369 today to learn how Carol Pierce can provide that help you so ache to have.

-----   HOW CAROL CAN HELP   -----

How to Make Your Job Easier: Delivering Better Customer Service" "Spectacular!"..."Down to earth"... "Very knowledgeable"... "Great insight on how guests want to be treated and what we should do to help them"..."Helped me figure out a simpler way to handle situations"..."Reinvigorating"..."Similar to Hilton training"...That's how members of the Louisiana Northshore Hospitality industry described Carol Pierce's presentations for the Hospitality Seminar hosted by the St. Tammany Parish Tourist and Convention Commission.

Lots of Terrific News from Happy Clients!

"Great job!" is how the top-notch South Louisiana oil field consultant who saw what was continuing to happen in the oil field industry describes the work completed to update and polish his resume. Like so many other satisfied Success Now clients, he's happily referred others having problems getting hired so they can also get paid to do what they are so good at doing.

One resume client called, excitedly saying he had a job interview that morning and two scheduled for the very next day!

Another client hired me on a Monday. I completed his resume project that next afternoon. On Wednesday, he shared the terrific news as he exclaimed, "I submitted my resume to a potential employer this morning. The moment he saw it, he told me they couldn't afford to let me get away. So they hired me on the spot!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you!" exclaimed the resume client upon the completion of her resume project. "You did a great job...and made this process a pleasure and so easy!

Sold Out! Copies of Jump Now are officially sold out and are no longer available. The same is true for all other books and products in the Success Now series. However, Carol Pierce continues to provide motivational presentations, one-on-one coaching, and resume services to people of all ages who want to learn how to apply the Jump Now philosophy to their own lives so they can also get what they really want instead of what they think they want!

"You can have all the know-how you want, all the resources you want, and all the motivation you want, but until you have confidence in what you are striving for, it won't do you any good." Carol Pierce, Teaching Success, The Courier.

Louisiana-based Success Coach Carol Pierce can teach you or your organization how to gain that confidence so critical to achieving success. Call 985-209-2369 or e-mail today to book that motivational presentation, training program, or one-on-one coaching session.

Give Carol Pierce a call today at 985-209-2369 so she can design a professional quality resume which truly reflects your strengths and will work for you. As part of the process, you'll also discover how to re-gain the confidence so badly needed for that crucial interview.

When you apply the recommendations Jump Now Author Carol Pierce shares with you and continue to apply them, you'll be surprised at the success you will achieve.

Ask any client, audience member, or reader of Jump Now who does. The amazing results speak for themselves!

Why Hire Carol Pierce?

For over 40 years, Carol Pierce has continued to help individuals, businesses, and organizations gain the know-how, the courage, and the confidence to successfully make that jump now so they can get what they really want.

A partial list of that growing number of clients can be found by clicking here.

But you may be asking yourself, "How will I benefit from hiring Carol Pierce for my next program or workshop?"

"Oh, if every speaker was a ready as you, I'd be in heaven," exclaims Professional Organizer/Productivity Coach Teresa Taylor about working with Carol Pierce to prepare for Carol's presentation to ABWA LaCapitale on How to Overcome the #1 Obstacle Blocking Your Success.

"Great job!" exclaimed one attendee. Yet another stated, "I enjoyed all the awesome information."

Or, you may be wondering, "Why is it worth my time, my energy, or my money to attend one of Carol Pierce's programs or to invest in her one-on-one coaching or resume services?"

After attending the goal planning session Carol Pierce presented for an organization, one client was so pleased by Carol's continued follow-up to that session that she said, "Thank you for holding our feet to the fire. We need that." As a result, that organization achieved most of their goals within less than a year's time.

"Your services are invaluable! You hold my feet to the fire, providing me direction, organization, and encouragement," states a Success Now small business coaching client who learned how to implement a simple solution to a highly stressful $7000 business problem that resulted in more success than he ever imagined possible.

To find out what others who've hired Carol Pierce to provide a small or large group presentation or to do one-on-one coaching have to say, click here.

To read about the amazing success achieved by Carol Pierce's clients, audiences and readers of Jump Now who've continued to apply the Jump Now philosophy and Carol's recommendations, click here.

But What Type of Results Does Carol Pierce Help Resume Clients Achieve?

When you hire Carol Pierce, your cover letter and resume are custom-designed to highlight your unique skills and talents in a truly professional manner. You discover why your job search has not been successful and how to turn that around. In addition, Carol provides you the encouragement and helps you gain the know-how, the courage and the confidence necessary to conduct a more focused job search and to be more successful during your job interview.

Over the past 4 decades, Carol Pierce's successes ranges from creating a resume for an outstanding high school student that resulted in his being accepted into the U.S. Naval Academy to creating such an effective resume for a very well-qualified Success Now client that he was selected over several hundred other applicants for the position he really wanted.

Besides being interviewed by talk show hosts and the media for her expertise on creating effective resumes and writing magazine articles on how to be successful conducting that job search, Carol Pierce continues to receive praise for the work she does with clients.

"Thank you for your insight and your support...and for turning my resume into something spectacular!" responded a Success Now client after being hired for that full time administrative job in health care she so wanted.

Another client seeking a management level position stated, "I have a second interview tomorrow...thank you for helping me dig up my past accomplishments. I had forgotten how much experience I had and how valuable it is."

Within 2 weeks of Carol Pierce having completed another client's resume project, that individual responded by saying she had landed an interview with one of the largest employers in the area and added, "Thanks again for helping me bring to light... all those years of day-to-day work on projects I took for granted, causing me to realize how valuable my work actually is."

"My resume has never looked this professional... All I can say is you're the best!" states another satisfied Success Now client.

Another resume client goes on to say, "I feel like I have a million bucks in my back pocket...The cover letter is perfect...My resume is what I wanted (and) needed. . ."

"Thank you kindly for taking the time to see me," states yet another Success Now resume client. "You were so thorough in our interview...took the stress involved and managed to alleviate it all. I am now feeling more focused and energized at the prospect of my impending job search (and) am truly looking forward to this next chapter of my life and concentrating on my passion!"

So why wait any longer. Make that jump now. Call 985-209-2369 or e-mail today.

Let Jump Now Author/Success Coach Carol Pierce help you or your organization gain the know-how, the courage, and the confidence to make that jump now so you can also achieve those goals you've been wanting to make reality for way too long now.


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